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FxScripts and its affiliated parties are not registered financial advisors. The information provided on this website, along with the products and services offered by FxScripts, are intended for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. Investing in financial markets involves risks, and you should be willing to accept the potential risks associated with it. Past performance does not guarantee future results. FxScripts and its associates do not assume responsibility for any trading outcomes or investments made based on the provided information.



Trading Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Futures, and Crypto carries inherent risks of financial loss. Please carefully assess whether such trading aligns with your circumstances. The articles and content presented on this website are purely for educational purposes and does not constitute investment advice or recommendations.


Risk Disclaimer

Trading carries inherent risk, and most day traders experience financial losses. All content presented on this website is hypothetical and presented retrospectively to illustrate our products; it should not be regarded as financial advice. Decisions regarding securities, commodities, and investments involve risk and are best made based on guidance from qualified financial professionals. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Consider your financial situation carefully before engaging in trading.


The Role of FxScripts

FxScripts is not a registered investment adviser. Any content provided is impersonal and not tailored to individual investment needs. Information offered is for informational and educational purposes only, not as investment or trading advice.


Informational and Educational Purposes Only

FxScripts and its tools do not offer personalized investment advice. Tools, scanners, data, and content provided are for educational purposes; they are not the sole basis for investment decisions. Reliance on them is at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for your investment choices.


TradingView Disclosure

Charts on this site are from TradingView, the platform our tools are built on. TradingView® is a registered trademark of TradingView, Inc. found at tradingview.com. TradingView is not affiliated with the products or services described on this website.


Testimonials Disclaimer

Testimonials on this website may not be indicative of the experiences of others and do not guarantee future performance or success. Trading outcomes in testimonials are unverified, and individual experiences vary due to factors such as skill and risk management. We don’t have access to customers’ personal trading accounts or statements and are therefore unable to independently gauge their overall performance based on our tools.


Site Disclaimer

By using this site, you acknowledge that its content is for general educational purposes. The site is not liable for any losses resulting from the provided information. Seek advice from an independent financial advisor before making investment decisions. FxScripts and its affiliates are not registered financial advisors and are not responsible for trading outcomes or investments. The proprietary information provided on this site is not associated with its partners or affiliated companies.

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FxScripts and all affiliated parties are not registered financial advisors. This site and the products and services offered by FxScripts are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to bear any level of risk to invest in financial markets. Past performance does not guarantee future results. FxScripts and all associated individuals assume no responsibility for your trading results or investments. Full Disclaimer can be found here.